A collection of my finished articles – often updated! 🙂


  • Intro To Roman Clothing – Updated 7/28/22 – Includes practical construction notes on hair, jewelry, clothes, and undergarments for men, women, and children. 31 pgs
  • Super Basic Roman ClothingFor SCAdians panicking the night before a Roman Bath, or who just want breezy summer garb: 2 pages.
  • The Roman Stola – An exploration of the construction and social context of the matrona’s overdress, written for the 2017 Kingdom Arts & Sciences Championship, single entry. 54 pages, but don’t panic – there are lots of pictures and appendices! NOTE: If you don’t want to read the whole thing, a series of 4 blog posts breaks up the major take-away points into smaller, more easily digestible pieces. The first one on wool is a bit dense (and contains links to good wool suppliers), but the later ones on color and embellishment, construction, and timing are shorter and lighter. 🙂
  • Gap Sleeve Fasteners 2.1 – Closures for the ionic chiton. Updated 1/8/15 and displayed at 12th Night, Jan 2015. 16 pgs.


  • Roman Wedding Rituals – Documentation for my wedding held on 5/26/18. Includes pictures. 17pgs.
    Guest Guide – 2 page basic primer provided to wedding guests
    Videos of the wedding by Dan Antal and Lissette de la Rose (Part 1, Part 2). Each caught / missed different aspects so see them both for the full effect!
  • Slavery in Ancient Rome  Handout and Slavery Class images for a presentation on slavery and manumission (includes Drusa’s Manumission Ceremony documentation) at Collegium. This is a newer version than the one on the 2017 Collegium stick drive. 11/9/17, 10 pgs.
  • Roman toilets “Biffy History” – Pages 1-4 posted individually in portajohns at September Crown, 2016, and ATWW, 2017. Page 5 contains sources and bibliography info.
  • Roman Sexual Imagery – Graphic representations of anatomy (mostly male, but also female) were popular for both apotropaic (protective / good luck) and erotic uses. Ask to see a copy of my paper next time we’re at an event. I bring it with me for this reason. Single entry at the An Tir Kingdom Arts & Sciences Championship in 2015. 31 pages.
  • Saturnalia & the History of Christmas written as the first half of a class for Yule, exploring the Roman origins of many contemporary Christmas traditions.  Updated 12/23/15, 7 pgs. Bonus video (Not by me): The VII Days of Saturnalia! (Dec 17-23)
  • Handout for Daily Life in Ancient Rome class


  • Hercules Knot Jewelry Project – I learned how to solder doing this project. Starts with an awful bracelet, progresses through two different necklaces, and ends with a pair of gorgeous wedding rings. 6/29/18. 15pgs
  • Wire Wrapped Roman Jewelry Paper – A survey of the more basic styles of jewelry from 100BCE-300CE, with instructions on making your own. 3/15/17, 28pgs.
  • Handout for the Roman Jewelry class – some overlap with the paper above, with instructions for making a bracelet, dangling earrings, and crotalia earrings. 6/29/17, 10 pgs.


  • Handout for Beginning (Non-Competitive) Research class

  • Pinterest:  Note that in addition to classic examples I also like to pin weird deviations. 🙂

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  24. Dean Taylor says:

    I love your article on the stola. I have a question. In the New Testament, Paul instructs women to dress modestly. The word he uses in Greek is katastola (καταστολή). I am wondering if the “kata” part of this word means anything specific. Like, was the katastola a certain kind of stola, or is it a more general term for dress?

    Reference: I am referring to the passage in 1 Timothy 2:9. the English translate this as “modest apparel.”

    “In like manner also, that the women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with propriety and moderation, not with braided hair or gold or pearls or costly clothing…”


    • I’m afraid you’ll have to ask an expert on ancient Greek language – that’s not my area of expertise. I am not familiar with the term “kata” and I certainly wouldn’t rely on later translations to be accurate. For example, that passage in Leviticus that everyone quotes as condemning homosexuality, when the actual translation is banning pedophilia.


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