A collection of my finished articles – often updated! 🙂


  • Intro To Roman Clothing – Updated 7/28/22 – Includes practical construction notes on hair, jewelry, clothes, and undergarments for men, women, and children. 31 pgs
  • Super Basic Roman ClothingFor SCAdians panicking the night before a Roman Bath, or who just want breezy summer garb: 2 pages.
  • The Roman Stola – An exploration of the construction and social context of the matrona’s overdress, written for the 2017 Kingdom Arts & Sciences Championship, single entry. 54 pages, but don’t panic – there are lots of pictures and appendices! NOTE: If you don’t want to read the whole thing, a series of 4 blog posts breaks up the major take-away points into smaller, more easily digestible pieces. The first one on wool is a bit dense (and contains links to good wool suppliers), but the later ones on color and embellishment, construction, and timing are shorter and lighter. 🙂
  • Gap Sleeve Fasteners 2.1 – Closures for the ionic chiton. Updated 1/8/15 and displayed at 12th Night, Jan 2015. 16 pgs.


  • Roman Wedding Rituals – Documentation for my wedding held on 5/26/18. Includes pictures. 17pgs.
    Guest Guide – 2 page basic primer provided to wedding guests
    Videos of the wedding by Dan Antal and Lissette de la Rose (Part 1, Part 2). Each caught / missed different aspects so see them both for the full effect!
  • Slavery in Ancient Rome  Handout and Slavery Class images for a presentation on slavery and manumission (includes Drusa’s Manumission Ceremony documentation) at Collegium. This is a newer version than the one on the 2017 Collegium stick drive. 11/9/17, 10 pgs.
  • Roman toilets “Biffy History” – Pages 1-4 posted individually in portajohns at September Crown, 2016, and ATWW, 2017. Page 5 contains sources and bibliography info.
  • Roman Sexual Imagery – Graphic representations of anatomy (mostly male, but also female) were popular for both apotropaic (protective / good luck) and erotic uses. Ask to see a copy of my paper next time we’re at an event. I bring it with me for this reason. Single entry at the An Tir Kingdom Arts & Sciences Championship in 2015. 31 pages.
  • Saturnalia & the History of Christmas written as the first half of a class for Yule, exploring the Roman origins of many contemporary Christmas traditions.  Updated 12/23/15, 7 pgs. Bonus video (Not by me): The VII Days of Saturnalia! (Dec 17-23)
  • Handout for Daily Life in Ancient Rome class


  • Hercules Knot Jewelry Project – I learned how to solder doing this project. Starts with an awful bracelet, progresses through two different necklaces, and ends with a pair of gorgeous wedding rings. 6/29/18. 15pgs
  • Wire Wrapped Roman Jewelry Paper – A survey of the more basic styles of jewelry from 100BCE-300CE, with instructions on making your own. 3/15/17, 28pgs.
  • Handout for the Roman Jewelry class – some overlap with the paper above, with instructions for making a bracelet, dangling earrings, and crotalia earrings. 6/29/17, 10 pgs.


  • Handout for Beginning (Non-Competitive) Research class

  • Pinterest:  Note that in addition to classic examples I also like to pin weird deviations. 🙂

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