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Making Roman Jewelry

        It’s so addicting… literally the day I came home from the competition where I presented my paper, I started making this necklace, based on a 1st-3rd century Fayum mummy portrait from Roman-controlled Egypt. The color isn’t showing … Continue reading

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Competition Season!

Tis the season… 2/25 was Stromgard’s Baronial Arts & Sciences Championship. The next weekend, 3/4, was Dragon’s Mist. The Kingdom ASBC (bardic is included too) is this coming weekend, 3/11-12. I, like an obsessed goofball, decided to do them all. Stromgard … Continue reading

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Byzantine babe attire

This is totally not my thing (personally I don’t think it’s really the Roman empire by this point*) but it’s in the books on my shelves and someone asked, so… Women’s clothing in Italy in the 5th century: From Sebesta … Continue reading

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SCA bling, Roman-style

In our kingdom, An Tir, we have lots of Norse / Viking personas, who love to hang their awards and momentos on necklaces… usually lots of them! While it’s fun to be able to “read their resume” at a glance, I … Continue reading

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Stone “charm” bracelet

The original: “Roman gold and hardstone amuletic bracelet. Eastern Empire, circa 1st-3rd Century A.D. – The gold bracelet in the form of a bangle, oval in section, each end wound spirally along the hoop, with seven amulets or beads, including … Continue reading

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