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Acupuncturist, medical massage therapist, historian, scientist, road-tripper, geek, LARP & board gamer, food fan, Roman fanatic, belly-laugher.

Yule Bears

The inimitable Kendryth started a campaign, recruiting people to dress teddy bears to give to kids at Yule. Although I haven’t been attending indoor events, I wanted to participate, and claimed two. They are, of course, Roman bears: Ursus and … Continue reading

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Sommelier Cups (tasting cups)

My Laurel Lucia apparently always wanted a sommelier cup that could double as peer regalia – thus started an entire line! When hanging on a necklace, it’s a great way to always have a cup handy, while doubling as SCA … Continue reading

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Research on the Fly

“Research” doesn’t always have to be a deep dive, involving interlibrary loans and late nights. It’s like working out… sometimes you break out the kettlebells or the cardio playlist, and sometimes you just take a stroll around the block. In … Continue reading

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Carving intaglios

Carving intaglios has been on my “to learn” list for years. Two separate people asked about commissioning pieces within a week, so the time is now! Ancient artisans used a bow-driven drill. I’m using a flexshaft (a fancy dremel, basically). … Continue reading

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1st Century Ring

I made this for my beloved friend Skamp. He’s well known far and wide in the kingdom for his ceaseless efforts for social justice, his leadership during Covid quarantine, and his hysterical bardic skills. I wanted to make a sturdy … Continue reading

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Coming back after Covid

I was too stressed to take advantage of all that time off, sadly… but now that life is sort of returning to normal, and I’m working again, I’m also finding myself making again! This set of pearl and carnelian melon … Continue reading

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Roman-style chain for a Knight

Goal: Make a chain for my friend, Sir Istvan, that has that bulky An Tir look but without neck-crippling weight.

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Drusa & Tullia’s Guide to War

WAR! What is it good for?! Seeing the stars and trees and fog, hanging out with friends, eating wonderful period food, seeing people I love and admire being honored with awards… HUH say it again, y’all… An Tir / West … Continue reading

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Honey Poppyseed Dormice

“The dishes for the first course included… some small iron frames shaped like bridges supporting dormice sprinkled with honey and poppy seed.” – Petronius, Trimalchio’s Feast Upper class ancient Roman kitchens were outfitted with special pottery homes, glirarium, for dormice (small rodents … Continue reading

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My dear friend Vestia Antonia Aurelia was Laureled (a lifetime achievement award for the arts and sciences in the SCA) this past weekend.  She does Roman and Minoan portrayals. I wanted to make something for her, and for another friend, Marya … Continue reading

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