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Guest Author: Greek clothing

NOTE: Click on blue text for more pictures and sources. Author: Duchess Andromeda Lykaina This is intended as an extremely broad overview of the clothing worn by the Ancient Greeks. For every generalization made, someone can usually find a counterexample … Continue reading

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Modern-style period plant-based dyeing

I have multiple friends who are good at period dyeing. I mean really, really good. Kingdom Arts & Sciences level of good. Seamus, Claire, and Marya spring to mind immediately, and those are just the local ones. Inexplicably, when I … Continue reading

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The Roman Stola: Part IV, Timing

I recently presented my stola paper at An Tir’s Kingdom Arts and Sciences Championship as a single entry. You can see a video of my presentation here (20 min talk, 20 min Q&A). Since I know not everyone wants to read a … Continue reading

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A Roman “Laurel Wreath” for a Pelican

For those not in the SCA: Being recognized as a Pelican is basically a lifetime achievement award for service. It’s based on the myth of pelicans piercing their breasts to feed their young with their own blood. The symbol is … Continue reading

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Projects in the pipeline

Classes I’m developing: 1) Daily Life in Rome, and 2) a special thing for Yule – the history Christmas, starting with Saturnalia (the origin of many Christmas traditions), and then the Feast of the Unconquered Sun (Dec 25th), then handing … Continue reading

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Survey results! A Directory! Classes coming!

Here are the survey results in their entirety: A&S Survey 11.21.14COM Thank you to everyone who contributed! I saw a lot of repeating themes. 1) Many people feel they don’t know how to do research and documentation. I will actively increase the … Continue reading

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The 2014 Tri-Barony Yule (Yulenage a’ Trois), Saturday, Dec 13th

For those new to the SCA, let me explain. Three local areas (baronies) are getting together for one big party. We have LOTS going on at this event – food, fighting, arts & sciences, court, kid’s activities, brewing competition, dancing … Continue reading

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