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Research on the Fly

“Research” doesn’t always have to be a deep dive, involving interlibrary loans and late nights. It’s like working out… sometimes you break out the kettlebells or the cardio playlist, and sometimes you just take a stroll around the block. In … Continue reading

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What makes it “period?”

NOTE: I recognize that not everyone cares deeply about authenticity. That’s absolutely fine!  I am not going to judge you. But if you WANT to “do it right” here are some goals sparked by a recent conversation: What makes a … Continue reading

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Writing Documentation

In a previous post, I addressed some research techniques and questions to ask while researching. Today, I want to talk about writing up what you found. I strongly recommend you use an outline. That’s the best way to ensure that … Continue reading

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Basic Research

The handout for my Beginning Research class is here. No matter if you want enter an Arts & Sciences competition, or just up your game, you have to begin with documentation. First – Remember that ideally we are doing research (investigative … Continue reading

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