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What makes it “period?”

NOTE: I recognize that not everyone cares deeply about authenticity. That’s absolutely fine!  I am not going to judge you. But if you WANT to “do it right” here are some goals sparked by a recent conversation: What makes a … Continue reading

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At September Crown, one sweet gentle took offense to me referring to Drusa as my slave. “Maybe you could call her… your ladies’ maid?” My reaction was “Um… but in my period that would have been a slave.” I chalked it … Continue reading

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Writing Documentation

In a previous post, I addressed some research techniques and questions to ask while researching. Today, I want to talk about writing up what you found. I strongly recommend you use an outline. That’s the best way to ensure that … Continue reading

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Basic Research

The handout for my Beginning Research class is here. No matter if you want enter an Arts & Sciences competition, or just up your game, you have to begin with documentation. First – Remember that ideally we are doing research (investigative … Continue reading

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