Tullia’s Jewels: Tullia Antiqua

Roman glamour for the discerning time traveler.

The majority of my work is based on actual ancient artifacts. After years of looking at lots of finds, I feel confident I’ve grasped the Roman aesthetic and choice of materials, so I can combine elements to create “Roman-plausible” pieces. See my jewelry papers here for more details. I don’t use pre-made earwires or modern findings – I take pride in the fact that each adornment would fit in well in ancient Rome. Each handmade piece of art comes in a pretty gift box. No two are ever exactly alike.

Chose a category to see what I have in-stock and ready to go. To purchase, please Paypal me choosing “friends and family” (requires a Paypal balance or a checking account) instead of “paying for goods & services” if possible. My email is tulliasat at gmail.com – feel free to contact me to make other payment arrangements, too. Shipping for any number of items is $7 within the US. 

If you want something I don’t have available, please ask. I might be able to make it for you.

Fantasy and sci-fi inspired designs are coming!