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Heraldry ornament

   For Yule this year we’ve been asked to make ornaments of our heraldry to decorate the tree. This is my quick-&-dirty attempt the night before. It’s painted linen. Romans didn’t use heraldry in the SCA/ Medieval sense, so I … Continue reading

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Here’s a fun (if inaccurate)  video! Go ahead and enjoy – when you’re done shaking your tailfeathers,  I’ll dispel two common misconceptions: 1) Gladiators did not generally fight to the death. Lethal combat happened, of course, but fighters were expensive … Continue reading

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“ROMANA SUM” (the ancient Romans didn’t have lowercase letters) translates as “I am Roman,” where the single speaker is female. An alternative translation* – one I prefer aesthetically – is “I am a woman of Rome.” I am doing my … Continue reading

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