Roman Resources

Categories below include Museum Collections Online, Information (including re-enactment groups), Shopping, Facebook Groups, and Books. I’ve deliberately not listed some vendors that are selling inferior products. Did I miss something good? Please let me know!

Museum Collections Online

The British Museum (London) and the Walkthrough of the British Museum

Capitoline Museums (Rome)

Digital Museum of Germany

The German Archaeological Institute (DAI) Rome photo archive

J. Paul Getty Museum (Los Angeles) and its Publications

Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York) and its Publications

Musée du Louvre (Paris)

Museum of Fine Art (Boston)

Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Napoli (Naples) Use the “thematic paths” button on the right or the Digital Catalogue

National Archaeological Museum (Athens)

University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archeology and Anthropology (Philadelphia)

The Walters Art Museum (Baltimore)

York Archeological Trust 


Ammaia – digital view of a Roman city in Lusitania

Ancient Roman Recipes

Anna’s Rome blog

Archeological Sewing info on seams and stitches

Blogging Pompeii

Casemate academics Publishers of scholarly works

Castra Ferrata Living history group in the Pacific NorthWest

Colours of the Romans website with dyeing info

Comitatus Late Roman re-enacting group in Britain

Digital Augustan Rome maps

Documentation and Competitions

Documentation Basics for SCA Artisans

Florentius – personal blog of Quintus Florentius Agrippa, including shoe making tips

Gephyra – journal for the ancient history and cultures of the Eastern Mediterranean

Greek, Roman, and Byzantine Studies GRBS is a peer-reviewed quarterly journal

The History of Rome podcast  Highly recommended!

How to Make a Roman Fibula

Heritage Daily Interactive map of Rome

Jael Ben Ari’s Facebook journal, including hair.

Janet Stephen’s YouTube channel  Historical hair including Roman

JURN: Search millions of free academic articles, chapters and theses.

Latin Pronunciation (Classical)

Leatherwork Through the Ages multiple periods including 1st century

Legio II Augusta (Second Augustan Legion) Greater Portland, OR area group

LEGIO SECVNDA  In Italy: We met these superbly friendly Republican-era people when they were doing a demo in Ostia. 🙂

Legio VI  South Carolina re-enactors and their gladiator school

Legion Six Los Angles area re-enactors

Legio XX   Washington, DC re-enactors

Legion XXIV Mid-Atlantic re-enactors

Legio XXX Ontario, Canada re-enactors Articles on ancient history

Londinium  An interactive map

A zoomable Map of the Roman Empire with ancient geographic names

Naming: SCA Heraldry siteEpigraphic Database HeidelbergClassic and Imperial Roman namesJohnston on names

Nova Roma

Orbis Model of the Roman world that lets you calculate a journey with multiple variables

Pass the Garum Roman cooking blog

Perseus Collection Greek and Roman writings

My Pinterest collection

Pompeii – Digital map (Google-style)

Portable Antiquities – Online catalog of British finds. Superb source for Romano-Brit!

Project Gutenberg – free downloads of over 50,000 books including Cicero, Plutarch,             Apicius, Caesar, Gibbons, etc.

Res Publica Romana – Discussion forums and online Roman Republic

Roma Antiqua – 3D tour of 3rd century Roman sites

Roman Army Talk discussion forum

Roman Military Research Society in the UK

Roman Timeline

Rome: a Virtual Tour of the Ancient City – free online course

SCA – Society for Creative Anachronism Lots of medieval re-enacting, with a growing Roman population!

Spello’s Villa of Mosaics – interactive digital tour

Trajan’s Column and its construction


Custom Artisans

Fjorlief InHaga: email acorncottageartisanry at gmail dot com (Portland, OR) – She’s made me brooches and buttons, among other lovely things!

Master William (Olympia, WA) – he’s made quite a bit for my friend Julia Sempronia

Ariadne’s website or on Facebook (Olympia, WA) – she made me spindle whorls and glass beads

Replica Companies (in the US unless otherwise specified)

Alpha Officium replica coins

Armamentaria Replica Roman military products, pottery, etc. Britain.

Astor Versand Germany-based replica company

AVRIFICINA TREVERICA Germany-based replica company

       Bohemond Roman (and other historical times /places) footwear

Claybaby   pottery – I’ve bought a pitcher, cups, and a lamp.

Daegrad Tools  recreations of archeological cooking implements, etc. Britain.

Fabrica Romana – jewelry (Germany) NOTE: added Aug 5, 2015 – seems to be in progress, many pages don’t work. 4/5/19: Site is down

       Glassmakers (UK) not making to order currently – small inventory left

Heart of Oak Crafts replicas of beads “based off originals in museums and archaeological site reports”

Historical Glassworks

HR-Replikate  Germany-based replica company

Jeanne C. Wood – pottery

Linen Garb – Coptic tunics for later personas, based on a 5th century Egyptian find

Mercy Neumark  pottery – I have her plates and cups, and a lovely pitcher (Mercy is currently in geographic transition without a studio)

       Oro Degli Eruschi Italian replicas of Etruscan gold jewelry

Par Fabrica – Caligae (boots) and soleae (sandals) CLOSED

       Potted History – votives, lamps, other pottery (UK)

Raymond’s Quiet Press “Historic Recreations from Jewelry to Helms”

Reannag Teine Pottery makers. Greek is part of their usual line. They do Roman on request.

       Sacred Source mini statues of gods and goddesses

Sally Pointer Britain-based replica company

SHOES: ArmamentariaBohemond (reportedly good but slow)* Fabrica CactiSaddlersden * Sarah Juniper

Soul of the Warrior wide variety of replica items

Tillerman Beads Britain

Twilight Forge Fibulas and Pennanulars

Other shopping resources for linen (I use sheer for women’s tunicas that will be layered, lightweight for those worn alone, and medium or heavy for men, fighting, or working)

For good lightweight wool sources, see the end of this post on the stola.

Andromeda of Sparta also has a comprehensive article on sourcing period fabric.

Forum Ancient Coins

Facebook Groups

Ancient SCA

Barony of Dragon’s Mist (SCA)

Barony of Three Mountains (SCA)

Clash of Iron Annual re-enacting event, Romans vs Celts, in Lafe, Arkansas

De Gustibus – Taberna Romana – Page, not a group, on Roman food

Food of Ancient Rome

Legio II Augusta (Second Augustan Legion) Vancouver, WA group

Roman History Reading Group

Romans of the SCA

Vicus and Village: Roman era Civilians


Note: I have an extensive personal library covering a variety of fields. I have the Roman / Etruscan ones listed here. If you are curious about something in particular, please ask!

Adkins, Lesley, and Adkins, Roy A. Handbook to Life in Ancient Rome. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1994.

Beard, Mary – ANYTHING she’s written or produced.

Croom, Alexandra. Roman Clothing and Fashion. Stroud, UK: Amberly Publishing, 2000. Contains some errors but remains the gold standard along with Sebesta, below

Goldsworthy, Adrian – author of a number of excellent books

Men at Arms series by Osprey (little books, each focused on a different period or topic in military history)

Roberts, Paul. Life and Death in Pompeii and Herculaneum. London, Oxford University Press, 2013.

Simkins, Michael. Warriors of Rome. Blandford Press, 1989.

Sebesta, Judith L. The World of Roman Costume. Madison, WI: University of Wisconsin Press, 2001.

Wild, John P. Textiles in Archeology. Buckinghamshire, UK: Shire Publications, 2003.

The Private Life of the Romans
by Harold Whetstone Johnston,

6 Responses to Roman Resources

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  2. hollyherda says:

    Hi! You may remember me from one of the clothing threads in the Vicus and Village: Roman Era Civilians Facebook group. (I really loved your paper!) But now I’m hoping you can direct me to resources for a later period? I’m considering going to Clash of Iron in 2016 and if so, I’d like to portray a Romano-British woman of the late 2nd century AD. So far, I’ve found some suitable shoes at Armamentaria (they even have the right size for my big feet!) and I think Ellen Swift’s Roman Dress Accessories book can help me with the small stuff, but for the actual clothing, I’m unsure where to start. Any book/website recs pertaining to this period would be greatly appreciated!


    • Hi!

      Have you looked at Sebesta and/or Croom (details in the books section)? They are probably your best bets. I haven’t read them, but I’d look at “Women in Roman Britain” or “Roman Woman: Everyday Life in Hadrian’s Britain,” both by Lindsay Allason-Jones. Let me know if you find anything good!


      • hollyherda says:

        I haven’t read Sebesta or Croom (I probably should have) but I’ve added them to my list! I have “Roman Woman: Everyday Life In Hadrian’s Britain”, which is a great book, it just doesn’t have a lot of emphasis on clothing. I’ll have to get “Women in Roman Britain” as well.

        Thanks for the recs, even if they were already on your list! I just thought I’d ask in case you knew of something else or had insights on what was best. (I’m a major procrastinator, so I didn’t want to be running around right up until April, ordering books I might not need.)


      • By the way – there is a TON of Romano-British material culture, very well catalogued, thanks to the English obsession with history. I strongly suggest you use the British Museum’s search function to play in their collection. You can even find lots of examples on eBay (this one posted today: although I don’t recommend buying them as sales encourage looting & destruction of ancient sites.


  3. I think you’ll be pleased with Sebesta and Croom. There’s lots of great info there!


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