2 Upcoming Competitions: Yule & DM Champion

Champion’s Choice at Yule: Arts & Sciences for everyone!

12/16 at the Oregon Army National Guard Columbia County Armory, 474 S 7th St, Saint Helens, Oregon 97051, 9am-9pm, no site fee! (FB Event for the Tri-Baronial Yule)

Please join us for a friendly competition! There will be three categories: Place yourself in Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced (if you were Laurelled for cooking, but this is your first time weaving, it’s a Beginner entry), with (minimum) a 3×5 card listing your SCA name, and the name, origin, and time period of your entry. Additional documentation is lovely but not required. Place yourself according to experience with the topic of your entry, not your entire arts & sciences career. Current and past A&S champions of the three baronies are invited to confer and select a winner from each group (competitors will refrain from judging their own categories). If you would like feedback from the populace and attending artisans, provide a small notebook. This is an excellent opportunity to connect with other artisans interested in the same topic, or get some gentle, helpful advice. All comments must be courteous, and signed. Judging will take place at 3:00pm.

I want YOU to enter! Yes, YOU! If you aren’t sure how to document stuff, check this out. If you have any other questions or concerns, contact me directly.

DM Arts & Sciences Championship

ATTENTION ALL ARTISANS! I hereby announce the upcoming Dragon’s Mist Arts and Sciences Championship to be held at Carnivale (March 24th at Schlegel Hall 485 S. Main St Banks, OR, 97106).

COMPETITION: Single entry, documentation and oral presentation required. Will be judged on period methods, materials, and understanding of period context. The entry should contribute to a better understanding of an aspect of period life or material culture. Research papers, performances, and consumables are welcome as well as the usual artistic object. Entry can not have previously won a competition, unless it has been sufficiently overhauled and rebuilt into a new entry. Details on judging forms, etc. are coming soon.

PRIZES: The winner will receive a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind heirloom box (handmade by Drusa Saturnina, examples pictured). I’ll be making gold-plated jewelry as a prize, too.

21151523_1664576280282399_5141570812185531307_n-1All competitors will receive a participation prize, TBD.

The winner will choose one of the largesse items as an additional prize.

A largesse item will also be granted to an entrant chosen by the Baron and Baroness.

Required for entry:

  • Notify me of your intent, with the title of your entry, by 3/1/18.
  • Submit a letter of intent to Their Excellencies in court on the day of the Championship.
  • A largesse donation of a period object (or useful period materials), preferably made by the entrant. Although it can be the competition object, that’s not expected. It will be presented and considered with your judged entry.
  • Willingness to be the Champion of the Barony of Dragons Mist. You gain the honor of wearing the Champion’s cloak, and carry the Champion’s regalia. Additionally, you earn a place of pride whenever the Baronial court is in session. You will organize next year’s competition, with the aid of the event steward and A&S Minister.

I am throwing down the gauntlet: BRING YOUR BEST! This is a chance to push yourself and create something you’ll be proud of for years. Start planning now!


Domina Tullia Saturnina, JdL, GdS

Dragon’s Mist A&S Champion


About Sharon Rose, LAc, MSAOM

Acupuncturist, medical massage therapist, historian, scientist, road-tripper, geek, LARP & board gamer, food fan, Roman fanatic, belly-laugher.
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