Survey results! A Directory! Classes coming!

Here are the survey results in their entirety: A&S Survey 11.21.14COM

Thank you to everyone who contributed! I saw a lot of repeating themes.

1) Many people feel they don’t know how to do research and documentation. I will actively increase the number of classes and informal opportunities to learn about that. Our first will be a panel discussion on documentation / “ask an expert” booth for the February 3rd 3M social night. Milwaukie Oddfellows Hall 7-9pm. 10282 SE Main St., Milwaukie, OR, 97222. You can bring food in (including from the pizza joint next door). Garb is optional. No site fee. 🙂

2) People want more guidance in general. I will try to facilitate that with classes and our shiny new A&S Directory! Fill out the form here to participate. Please, don’t hesitate to ask when you have questions. The vast majority of SCAdians love to talk about their projects and their processes… honestly you might have a harder time shutting us up than extracting information.

3) People have issues with feeling rushed by deadlines, or with their own procrastination. I suggest working on a project you love, and then entering it in the next appropriate display or competition. There will be a lot more opportunities in the future! I hope to have an A&S component at each event. Yule’s Champions Choice competition will have a Beginner category (as well as Intermediate and Advanced). 12th Night will have two displays: One regular and one themed “To Err is Human” where you can offer up a mistake, show improvement with a before and after, or get help with a current problem.

If you can teach or judge something, please let me know! I will be maintaining a list of people to call on. I promise not to abuse you too often and you can always say “no” when I ask.

About Sharon Rose, LAc, MSAOM

Acupuncturist, medical massage therapist, historian, scientist, road-tripper, geek, LARP & board gamer, food fan, Roman fanatic, belly-laugher.
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