Reproduction Pottery

I scored some gorgeous pottery over 12th Night. The redware is by Jeanne C. Wood. The surface is terra sigilata, a very fine, polished slip. It covers the clay underneath and is semi-waterproof. The indented cups and the Pompeiian oil lamp are by Reannag Teine.


Sadly, immediately after taking these pictures – before I had a chance to use it – I broke the adorable little pitcher. 😦 That reminded me I never posted pictures of the awesome pitcher Mercy Neumark made for me last summer! The original, left, and mine, on right, with a Reannag Teine cup.

14222130_1203378649735500_6457935012566357431_n.jpg  14206067_1203378599735505_5686505196862673465_o.jpg

 ROMAN FLAGON, I century A.D.
Yellow-orange fabric with red-orange slip covering interior and exterior, terminated at lower body. Elongated body with nearly horizontal shoulder,  parabolic neck; horizontal rim; wide low foot, bottom with incised concentrical circles. Spiral wheel-ridging at the neck. Wheel-marks on lower body. Kidney-shape sectioned handle has one groove along one outside edge . Lime deposits, 
root marks.  H. 6″(15.3 cm). From




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