Greater Portland A&S Directory

In an effort to increase baronial A&S participation, and inter-baronial cooperation, we now have a guide to artisans that spans the entire local area: The A&S Directory. Use it to find a teacher, a student, or a new friend with similar interests. Don’t be shy about contacting people for crafty playdates or just tea and conversation… Everyone on the list wants to connect! Please fill out the form to participate yourself!

Note: I’ve gotten some comments that the link doesn’t work if you’re using an ad blocker. Please try a different browser or turn off your ad-blocker temporarily. Thanks!

9 Responses to Greater Portland A&S Directory

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  2. Christina Cato (Prudence Goodheart) says:

    Teacher of 16th century needle lace (punto in aria and cutwork). Available for beginning and advanced classes.


  3. Asche verch Rees says:

    Newbie interested in herbalism, storytelling, personae development. I already have some good mentors, but would love to know when pertinent classes and competitions are scheduled. I also have a husband interested in archery, and maybe a connection to others with this interest. We live in River’s Bend, but can travel to events about an hour away.

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  4. Malek of Samarqand says:

    The link for the form:
    Does not work.
    Can it get updated?


  5. Carith de Cuevas says:

    I am the scribe of Stromgard, I specialize in one on one beginner and intermediate paint techniques from color choice, to white work, to correcting mistakes. Also teach dance, hair braiding, have a very big love for games, know bookbinding, and more. I am more about bredth than depth. I am also a courtier in service to the Baron of Three Mountains, and have served on Kingdom Retinue and many times as deputy to the Royal scribe of An Tir.


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